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Enterprise Full-stack Developer

San Antonio, TX · Transportation/Logistics
Title of Position: Full Stack .Net Developer 

Department: IT

Overall Responsibility:
Develop and maintain software products using the Microsoft technology stack (.Net). 
Troubleshoots and diagnoses reported problems and work to understand and correct problems.
Experience in performing requirement analysis, architecture, design, development, testing and deployment.
Team-oriented thinking with demonstrated ability to produce high-quality work as part of a fast-paced, dynamic team.
Review project requirements and provide feedback to managers.
Reports progress and results to staff and management in a timely manner.

Consult with: Vendors, management and internal clients

Term: Direct Hire
Design, develop, test, maintain and modify software programs according to specifications, verifying logic, performing necessary debugging, and writing related documentation.
Analyzing user specifications and requirements that reflect business program needs, and subsequently delivering high-quality software solutions that meet those needs.
Critically review programs prior to implementation to verify consistency and conformance with established IT guidelines, policies, and practices as well as industry standard guidelines.
Experience in healthcare is a plus.
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or related field
5-7 years of experience in ASP.Net, C#.
Hands-on experience with HTML5, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS and GIT
High proficiency in SQL Server Development
Understanding of object-oriented design and development, design patterns and software development best practices.
Thorough understanding of the software development lifecycle (SDLC)
Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with proven technical writing abilities.
Proven ability to collaborate with cross-functional and interdepartmental teams.
Salary Range: $95K-$100K

Enterprise Business Systems Developer aka Full-stack Developer
25% Some Business Analyst work
50% Development & Integration (apparently the integration is scaring candidates off. They said most developers don’t want to just work on integrations, we need to vet for this and make sure they are ok with it.  They said the other recruiters aren’t vetting for this then they take the call with the candidate and the candidate isn’t interested) The coding is rarely customizable. 
25% Product Support and Maintenance on existing apps
Also, they have no formalized PM methodology in place like Agile and Waterfall. 
They need someone with a good level of curiosity.  Meaning, be able to solve problems, ask questions about why something is broken, TAKES INITIATIVE!  Thinks beyond what’s in front of them.  Self- sufficient, resourceful.  The manager is not going to give direction on process.  So if they sit there and wait for direction, that’s not what they need.
Team size:
3 Contractors
This person would replace one of the contractors
Perks- Great work like balance, no weekend work. Jeans M-F 8am-5pm.  Onsite gym, yoga classes, boot camp, arrosti,
Reports to Stephanie the new manager.
Benefits- she is emailing those, but they do have profit sharing.  No bonuses for this role.
Interview process
  1. 30 minute phone with Stephanie
  2. Assessment called IKM- very easy to pass unless they don’t know much about programming
  3. Panel interview 2-3 hour interview  



This position is responsible for participating in and executing all tasks throughout the application development lifecycle. Specific areas of responsibility include: 1) Project planning, analysis, technical design, development, testing, implementation and documentation for small to complex business projects; and 2) Effective interface with internal business unit partners and external customers to establish the development systems design, troubleshooting, and modification of programs and procedures. 
The incumbent in this position is expected to model the following practices on a daily basis:
1) Demonstrate alignment with the company's mission and core business values;
2) Collaboration with key internal/external resources;
3) On-going self-development.
Experience with the following (required):
  • Full-stack software development
  • .NET languages (C#, VB .NET), HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other web development tools
  • SQL Server, DBA tasks, and design/architectural patterns (Some ETL and Informatica would be awesome)
  • Architecture styles/APIs (REST, SOAP, RPC)
  • Data warehouse knowledge
  • They have about 30 SSIS Packages
KRA's (Key Responsibility Areas):
  • Lead and Support development projects by researching, testing, and recommending business application solutions.
  • Lead and manage internal & external customers in troubleshooting and resolving business application defects on new or upgraded business applications.
  • Identify, assist, and troubleshoot 3rd-party business applications with installation, configuration, testing, and deployment activities.
  • Maintain user confidence and protect operations by maintaining the integrity of information in a confidential manner.
  • Provide support to Software Developers and users on technical inquiries for business systems and software application design and logic.
  • Develop application prototypes and/or screen frameworks and provide new and/or modify existing software applications based on specifications.
  • Performs related duties and fulfills responsibilities as required. 
Key Competency Areas (KCAs):
For optimum performance, the jobholder in this position would be expected to demonstrate appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the following areas.          
  1. Self-Management Capabilities: This area focuses on the degree to which an individual appropriately modifies their natural behaviors and actions to most effectively fit the situation they are dealing with. It includes: “fitting ourselves to the job” versus “fitting the job to ourselves”; making sure that we don’t overuse our natural strengths and talents; taking the self-initiative to continuously improve ourselves and ensuring that we take actions that “need” to be taken versus taking actions that we “like” to take (e.g. how we adapt, listen, speak, question, seek feedback, manage time and take initiative).
  2. Influencing Capabilities: This area deals with the skills involved in accomplishing work results with and through people by interacting with or influencing them individually or in groups. It includes: managing, motivating and developing professional and operational staff members on a day-to-day basis; providing directive skills and methods — including structuring modification of behaviors; providing supportive skills and methods — including listening, asking open-ended questions and ensuring reinforcement of behaviors (e.g. visioning, role clarification, showing how, establishing timelines, praising, coaching, listening, asking for input, disclosing, team building, delegating, collaboration).
  3. Planning Skills: This area focuses on the skills used to establish, monitor and schedule short-term and long-term plans that are comprehensive, realistic and effective in achieving goals. It includes: developing strategic plans and annual business plans by establishing and monitoring deadlines, milestones, tasks, budget limits, and required resources; forecasting and visioning. Structuring yours and others efforts to attain maximum productivity.
  4. Problem Solving Expertise: This area focuses on the rational approach to the processes involved in identifying and defining problems, generating and selecting solution strategies, and reducing performance gaps through implementation and problem prevention. It includes both theoretical, complex, longer-term problem solving and operational, shorter-term problem-solving methodologies as well as effective decision-making skills (e.g. problem identification, risk analysis, solution generation, prioritization, goal setting, conflict resolution, data gathering, and problem prevention).
Technical Expertise: 
This area focuses on the specific technical expertise required for this job position. This includes knowledge and experience with the following: Caterpillar products, services and programs; market research techniques; information systems (DBS, MIS, UCC, etc.); media alternatives; database management; and values-based leadership tools and processes.
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