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I hereby certify that the information provided in this application for employment and accompanying resume is true, complete and accurate.  I understand that TriQuest relies on this information in their consideration of employing and/or representing me. I understand that providing false and/or misleading information in this application is illegal.  I also understand that the decision to offer me employment is a TriQuest decision only. I certify that I do not have any illness, mental or physical condition, or chemical/substance abuse problem that would prevent me from, or impair me in properly and safely performing the duties required for the work assignment for which I am being considered. In signing this application, I agree to maintain confidentiality regarding opportunities presented to me by TriQuest personnel, including but not limited to, client companies, salary offering, job description, position requirements, assignment dates, candidate pool, or outcome.

U.S.Citizen, H1 Visa, Green Card, E.A.D, TN

Are you looking for more pay, a lateral move, or seeking a fair market offer.

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